College Radio paved the way, worst concerts we've ever seen, and Chilly Kurtz the show crasher...


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On this episode, Steev talks about how his time at his college radio station (WDJM-Framingham) paved the way for his long music career. Chilly Kurtz (Caged Heat) then crashes the show and joins Diya and Herb in a lively conversation about a myriad of topics including our least favorite concerts, what we would call our band if we could start one, our ideal age, and yes one of us would perform naked and guess who would come out on stage in drag! And if that is not enough, we talk about some of our favorite Instagram accounts and play some classic Boston rock tunes from The New Models and Mission Of Burma! Its a massively entertaining blast to say the least...

The Charms "So Pretty"
The New Models "Permanent Vacation
Mission Of Burma "Academy Fight Song"

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