The Art of Playing a Hockey Stick in front of a mirror in the seventies, Montrose makes it last, Merrily's magic tunes, and a tribute to Holly Lane...


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In this episode of Blowing Smoke with Twisted Rico, we pay tribute to our fallen friend Holly Lane, reminisce on the greatest of Ronnie Montrose, rave about Merrily, praise good parenting, and admire the community work of our sponsors Baby Loves Tacos and The Dark Horse Pub. Plus we play a couple fantastic tunes by The Real Kids and Merrily And The Poison Orchard. Its a fun time had by all. Recorded at New Alliance, Somerville MA.

The Charms "So Pretty"
The Real Kids "Somewhere West Of Nowhere"
Merrily and The Poison Orchard "I've Been So Good"

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