Worshipping The Outlets, embarrassing moments, our least favorite songs, Healthy living, and Brunettes vs. Redheads


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On this episode of Blowing Smoke with Twisted Rico, we are all over the place as we talk about healthy living, embarrassing ourselves in front of rock stars, our least favorite songs, brunettes vs redheads (of course the host said blondes), and a mutual dislike for a certain lead singer. Also, Steev talks about one of his favorite all time bands, the legendary Outlets, who helped frame the early eighties Boston pop punk scene, and we play a great track from Greg Allen's Fringe Religion. Diya and Herb are along for the ride and its a merry journey in our lovely New Alliance podcast home....

The Charms "So Pretty" (intro music)
The Outlets "I'm A Mess"
Greg Allen's Fringe Religion "Joe The Tow Truck Driver"

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