EP 206 - Is Quinn Getting the Bin? Chytil SZN & Thomas Williams of Stray from the Path


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(1:28) This week the guys talk about David Quinn's quotes on the team, if he deserves to get fired, Tony Deangelo's performance, Chytil and Lindgren's call up and Kravstov back to the KHL. Sheesh there's a lot to talk about

(50:30) Then Thomas Williams of Long Island based hardcore band Stray from the Path joins the Breakaway to discuss the new album and his hardcore Rangers fandom and his thoughts on Kravstov going back to the KHL and the questionable bets he makes on the Rangers every year. Thomas also breaks the F-bomb record for a Blueshirts Breakaway episode.

(1:18:30) Finally the guys come back and answer some 5 star questions.

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