EP 224 - Kreider's Injury, Hank's Situation & NYR Future with Miika "HockeyStatMiner"


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This week the guys discuss Kreider's injury, Hank's situation and how you should go about handling it and how this season can be viewed no matter what

Then Miika "@HockeyStatMiner" joins the Breakaway to discuss the possibilities of trading Trouba, salary cap with goaltenders, how to replace LHD and evaluating Jeff Gorton as a GM. When does the Rangers window open and if it's now, who are the important pieces to sign.

Finally the guys return and go through 13 five star questions ranging from Strome's "Panarin points", Quinn's overall likability and what to do with this years first round picks.

Here's the survey link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/25VZGGQ

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