Episode 133: Best Tiny Table (Small Footprint) Games or Katie Really Wants a D&D Trapper Keeper For Her Birthday


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Episode 133 - Best Tiny Table Games (Small Footprint)



  • Immune - 12 days; $39
  • Arcana Notebook - 13 days; $19
  • Petrichor - 2 days; $99 unless you have the game, then it’s $64 for all the newness

Games played:

  • Bring Out Yer Dead Upper Deck
  • Dungeon Drop Gamewright

Best Tiny Table Games (Small Footprint):

  • Katie - Ars Alchimia Tasty Minstrel
  • Jason - Tortuga 1667 Facade Games
  • Katie - The Legend of the Cherry Tree Iello
  • Jason - Fire in the Library Weird Giraffe Games
  • Katie - On Tour Boardgametables.com
  • Jason - The Shipwreck Arcana Meromorph Games

Jason Honorable Mentions: Spirits of the Wild, Dairyman, Breakdancing Meeples, The Crew

Katie Honorable Mentions: Rice Dice, Parks, Tiny Towns, It Happens, Tricky Tides, 7 Ronin, Harbour, Illimat, Drop It


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