Episode 134: Best Large Table (Table Hog) Games or Wouldn't It Be Great to Hear Gene Simmons From Kiss Sing The Canadian National Anthem in French?


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Episode 134 - Best Large Table Games (Table Hogs)



  • Queen Kickstarter Hamburg and Amsterdam 18 days to go $65 plus shipping for one (non-Deluxe) or $130 plus shipping for both (non-Deluxe)
  • The Umbrella Academy game - 14 days; $25
  • Western Legends: Blood Money - 4 days; $30

Games played:

  • Harry Potter House Cup Competition (The Op)
  • Terraforming Mars (Stronghold)
  • ConcluZio (Puzzling Pixel)

Best Large Table Games (Table Hogs):

  • Katie - Champions of Midgard (Grey Fox)
  • Jason - Legacy: The Testament of Duke de Crecy (Portal)
  • Katie - Lorenzo il Magnifico (CMoN)
  • Jason - Trickerion (Mindclash)
  • Katie - Dinosaur Island (Pandasaurus)
  • Jason - Lisboa (Eagle-Gryphon)


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