Episode 137: Games We Were Surprised By Featuring Tim of Board Game Rundown or Jason Puts Uncle Vital Out To Pasture With Nothing But His Evil Gryphon to Keep Him Company


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Episode 137 - Games We Were Surprised By with Special Guest Tim from Board Game Rundown



  • Eric Lang’s Departure from Cmon (Tim)
  • Mercado de Lisboa - 6 days, $34
  • Zan’s Book of Stupid Magic Spells - 3 days, $1
  • Streets - 19 days, $30

Games played:

  • Tim - Mezo Kolossal
  • Jason and Katie - Arkwright The Card Game Game Brewer
  • Tim - DC Deckbuilder Dark Nights Metal Cryptozoic
  • Jason and Katie - Santa Monica AEG

Games We Were Surprised By:

  • Jason - Sonora Pandasaurus
  • Tim - Dinosaur Island Pandasaurus
  • Katie - Blackout Hong Kong Eggertspiele
  • Jason - Dont Turn Your Back Evil Hat
  • Tim - Concordia Rio Grande PD Verlag
  • Katie - Rising 5 Grey Fox


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