Episode 139: Games Based On Our Passions (Music and Literature) or Elton John Loves to Play Games on Sunday After a Night of Pinball


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Episode 139 - Games based on our passions (music and literature)



  • Hawker Life: A Card Game: 2 days, $15-17
  • Night Parade: 12 days, $50
  • Lucky Luau: 13 days, $15

Games played:

  • Tekhenu
  • On the Origin of Species

Games based on our passions (music and literature):

  • Jason - Thrash ‘n Roll/Thrashing Dice
  • Katie - Shakespeare
  • Jason - Symphony no.9
  • Katie - Harry Potter: Battle for Hogwarts
  • Jason - Into the Echoside ICP Deckbuilding Game
  • Katie - Masque of the Red Death


Jason’s Honorable Mentions: GWAR vs. Time, 011, God’s of Metal: The Chosen, Lords of Rock, Vinyl, Upstaged, On TourKatie’s Honorable Mentions: Scarlet Pimpernel/A Study in Emerald, Obsession, Marrying Mr. Darcy, Consulting Detective, Council of Verona, Dark Tales, Ancient Terrible Things, Robinson Crusoe, Holmes: Sherlock and Mycroft, Mystery of the Abbey (Umberto Eco’s The Name of the Rose)

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