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Hello friends, welcome to the show. Today we have Coach JT Ayers BACK on the podcast. We loved our chat with J.T. so much we decided to bring him back for round 2. Today we are going to talk about building trust with your athletes as a head track coach, developing athletes to be outstanding human beings later in life and the most important book for a track coach (hint: it’s not about track). Make sure you check out his website, CoachAyers.com and the TFC website, trackfootballconsortium.com.

We also are letting all of our listeners know we are coming out with a brand new course, Athletes with Asthma. This course is going to address all of the pillars of performance in regards to any athlete that faces the challenges of asthma in their sport. From breathing drills to workout plans to mindset training, this course will revolutionize the way athletes, parents and coaches tackle the challenges of asthma. We partnered with NBA Dietician Kylene Bogden for this course and the three of us couldn’t be more excited to get it out to you. Stay tuned this summer for our Athletes with Asthma online course. Let’s continue to grow the mind, optimize performance and change the system.

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