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Hello friends, welcome to the show! Our guest today is Coach Alec Holler. Alec is the hurdles and DBs coach at Edwardsville HS in Illiniois. Yes, he is the son of Tony Holler, our first TFC guest on the podcast. We talk about what it is like growing up with your dad being a coach and how this bond influenced Alec’s athletic career and coaching career. We chat about CNS driven training, RPR and how speed has universal effects in training. Alec is a huge proponent of empowering kids to build their own house to be successful in sport and in life. Thanks for tuning into the show. In the show notes, you will find access to his twitter account and his hurdle DVD. We also posted the link to our Lower Body Mobility Course. Whether you are a parent, coach, athlete or trainer, you will find immense benefit in this program to take care of your hips, knees and feet. 25% of all proceeds will go to the Global Giving Coronavirus Relief Fund as well.

Let’s continue to grow the mind and change the system.

Alec Holler Twitter: @a_hollerEHS
Hurdle DVD

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