Trendsetters Issue 10 - Xeroxed Xenomorphs


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While at a feild trip to the Museum, Megalad finds himself under an invasion! Giant bugs start ransacking the place, attacking innocents and destroying priceless artifacts. When the rest of the team arrives, they find themselves not alone in fighting the menace.

TV Spot - Political Attack Fourteen by Music For TV and Games

Opening - Epic Superhero Theme - Mikhaël Bureau

Robin’s Theme - Land of Fans and Music (The Land of Wind and Shade Extended)

Gary’s Theme - LLS Stage 3 Theme Bad Apple!!

Arc 3 Fight Theme - Murder Your Maker from the Prototype 2 OST

Felix’s Theme - Fearless First by Kevin MacLeod

Better Than Ethan - I inc. by Kubbi

The DHEA - Batman: Arkham City Main Theme from the Batman: Arkham City OST

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