Trendsetters Issue 11 - Bad Bugs


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With their new friends from Better Than Ethan, #Trending study the alien menace. However, their research is rudely interrupted by the leader, Au’Takth, threatening to terrorize the city should their demands not be met. The heroes spring into action to try and prevent that from happening, but with an hour deadline, what can they even hope to do?

Music Credits:

Intro: Epic-hero-music - Mikhael Bureau

Nicolai & Clockwork Futures: Paperhouse - Ed Harrison

Goofing Off: Mischief Maker - Kevin MacLeod

Investigation: Thinking Music - Kevin MacLeod

Felix “Sundog” Delarue: Fearless First - Kevin MacLeod

Au’Takth, High Priest: Dread Design - Darren Korb

Rising Danger: Crypto - Kevin MacLeod

The DHEA:Arkham City Main Theme - Nick Arundel

Planning:EV02 Briefing 1 - Hiroshi Yamaguchi

Supervillain Fight Arc 3: Murder Your Maker - Scott R. Morgan

Crisis: Vijounne, Fourth-Class Officer - Hiroshi Yamaguchi

Ultra Crisis: The Meizer Attacks - Hiroshi Yamaguchi

Failure State: Losers - Hiroshi Yamaguchi

End of Session: End Credits Suite - Christopher Young

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