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Today's guest is Adam Resnick, an Emmy Award winner who has written on Late Night with David Letterman, The Larry Sanders Show, HBO's Divorce, and who co-created the cult favorites CABIN BOY and GET A LIFE. As an author Resnick penned the darkly comedic essay collection WILL NOT ATTEND, which Rolling Stone called "An anti-social work of art" and the Chicago Tribune praised as "A biting, darkly hilarious collection of personal essays that begs to be read aloud." Here's Adam Resnick in conversation with Penguin Random House Video Director Pat Stango.

Praise for Will Not Attend

“Writing a collection of short stories is a very difficult thing to do. These Adam Resnick stories are great. You read one and think, that was so well done maybe I’ll read another. You think, the next one can’t be as good, and it’s even better. I hope you read this book. It’s funny, smart and thoughtful; and it’s funny, smart and thoughtful. I loved it. I think you will as well. Did I mention I loved it? Happy reading.”—Dave Letterman

“Having worked with Adam Resnick many years ago, I can easily recall he was a little nuts, but I completely forgot he was this talented and funny. Damn, this book is good.”—Jon Stewart

“Adam Resnick is one of the funniest writers I’ve ever known, and he proves it big-time in this acid-swaddled memoir. You will laugh reading this book, I swear to Christ Almighty. Adam comes by his misanthropy honestly and bravely—and his continued existence is a tribute to the soul-nourishing qualities of an unrelenting, unforgiving, and hilarious outlook. I will be reading this again and again for the rest of my life like it’s the goddamn bible.”—Bob Odenkirk

“In the ideal film adaptation of Will Not Attend, second-grader Adam Resnick would be played by a four-foot-tall, fully adult homunculus Resnick, animated by a precocious despair, disdainful of cultural idiocy, and wearing the ever-present scowl of the perpetually put-upon. Undoubtedly, the child Resnick is father of the man Resnick. This is a very funny book, and I would pay decent money to see the movie version, or even to play it in the form of an extremely sad video game.”—Charlie Kaufman

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