EPISODE 204 - Frodsham St. Public Toilet / Dumfries House vs. Forest Park Witch's Castle


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Pull down those pants and give yourself a wide stance, ‘cause this week the BnB crew are hitting some public poopers for Haunted Bathrooms! Melissa takes a number two with the dueling stories of Frodsham St Public Toilet (which is bloody terrifying) and Dumfries House (which is smelly and hilarious). Then Vanessa goes number one with the tale of the Forest Park Witch’s Castle, which involves love and murder and toilet flushes. Our beer this week is the last one from The Dude’s and it’s their Märzen which is awesomely named Schitzengiggle. Who will win in the battle of farty Prince Charles vs sexy Mortimer Stump? Listen and find out!

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