The Power of Resilience: With Guests Arian Simone & Courtney Scipio


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Resilience is tricky. It’s not something you’re born with, it's something you develop over the course of your life. And for any entrepreneur or business person navigating 2020, it's a trait honed more and more each day. In this season of Boost My Business with David Fischer you’ll hear lots of stories of resilience as well as other important topics affecting businesses today.

In this episode you’ll meet Courtney Scipio, founder of Inspired by Annette Event Design & Rentals. Courtney's story of resilience has led her to build a thriving business that not only brings the vision of her late mother to life, but enables her to use her innate talents to realize her dreams and impact the lives of others.

Courtney is joined by Arian Simone, a successful entrepreneur, co-founder of Fearless Fund, and author of the new book The Fearless Money Mindset: Broke Doesn’t Scare Me. Arian’s story of resilience took her from sleeping in her car to working with high-profile clients and leading a venture capital fund dedicated to investing in start-ups founded by women of color.

Listen as David connects both women for a conversation on overcoming obstacles, adapting your business to change, the unique challenges facing Black-owned businesses, and so much more.

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