Ep 103: Mark Hoverson on Online Business Success


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In 2007, Mark qualified for welfare and started his online business from a computer at the public library (because he couldn’t afford his own). Using YouTube & Google Pay Per Click, he began to sell affiliate products. Today, nearly $20 million dollars of his own info-products have been sold. In this episode Mark gives some priceless gems of wisdom for those that want to start their own online business. Get ready to take pay attention to guy normally charges $50,000 - $100,000 for private consultations.

Show notes: Mark’s Entrepreneurial past (4:50) His first big break (10:44) Is the age of information products over? (16:13) How to find the place that you need to be (25:35) What you need to have success with an online business (32:35) The Great Lemonade Crusade (39:10) The new age of information gamification (42:55) How to approach pricing (53:22) Mark’s advice to new entrepreneurs (58:45)

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