Ep 92: Escaping the Politically Obsessed Culture | Bobby Casey and James Guzman


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In this episode I spoke to Bobby Casey of Global Wealth Protection. He has been an expat and international investor for decades and now concentrates on helping other with asset protection.

We talk about all kinds of things associated with making sense of the economy and the current political environment. Listen to hear how we are able to stay sane in the ever more politically obsessed culture of the US.

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Show notes: 4:30 The Trump administration's effect on the economy 8:20 How to make sense of the debt based economy 10:30 The infrastructure bill 13:11 The obsession with politics in the US 20:30 How Trump red-pilled America 27:30 The erosion of privacy 41:15 The trend for remote work 47:00 The economics of living abroad 54:40 Life in Latvia 59:00 Offshore banking report

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