Ali Levine On Motherhood, Career Pivots, and Leading an Influential Life


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Today, I had the chance to sit down and have a conversation with the magnificent LA stylist, Ali Levine! The episode is filled with juicy tips and insights that Ali shares from her big coast to coast move from NYC to LA to follow her dreams, her first and second pregnancies, and how starting over is okay when you’re following your heart.

Through her journey, we learn how there’s a time and place for balance and sometimes it’s not when you’d expect it. She also fills us in on how she achieved her biggest dream and did it all while being a mom of two because she had one super important thing: boundaries. She shares how setting boundaries at work sets us up for a more fruitful future and how sometimes when the Universe is trying to tell us something we should listen.

Ali is a great example of how being pregnant once or twice doesn’t mean derailing or slowing down your career, it just means listening to yourself becomes a priority. Now be sure to tune in to today’s powerful episode!

Here’s a closer look at what we talked about:

Did someone say “work-life balance”? [19:46]

How to set parameters between your life and work [26:28]

A sustainable business comes from boundaries [32:01]

Listening to yourself is how you make the changes you need [38:59]

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