Behind the Scenes of Growing My Business While Pregnant


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Have you ever put something off because you felt too far away from absolute perfection?

Well join the club and sit back and listen in on how my view of starting a family was before getting pregnant. We all tell ourselves these stories about how life should look before we get married, start a business, or even get pregnant! Let me tell you sister that’s a lie. Waiting for perfection is not the answer.

In this episode, I am holding nothing back and letting you all in behind the scenes of how my business is evolving with me and my growing little girl! Pop those headphones in and dive into this one girl!

Here’s a closer look at what we talked about:

Pregnancy Does not Equal New Business Model [4:38]

Running a Business from a Cerebral v. Body Built Place [8:59]

Rushing and Scrambling Does Not Have to Be A Part of the Package [10:24]

Growing Where You are At [20:48]

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