28. How to Overcome Stuckness in Life and Business


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Hey beauties! Have you felt stuck at one point or another in life and business, c’mon raise your hand!

The biggest stuckness I see – is a plateau! In this episode, I am diving deep into the number one thing to focus on if you’re feeling the stuckness and 3 action steps to get unstuck now!

Here’s a closer look about what Cait discussed in this episode

The one secret to get unstuck now [03.02]

Action # 1: Reconnect with Your Purpose [4.00]

Action # 2: Where is Your Passion? [6.03]

Action # 3: Connect with People [9.30]

Cait’s Memorable Quotes

Get your butt on the dance floor and go connect with people! [10.50]

Purpose, passion, people – go build that momentum, girl!

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