40. Part 1/4 in a Born to Rise West Coast Series: A Clinical Neuropsychologist 's Take On Overcoming Self Sabotage


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Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt yourself self-sabotaging. I see you, girl, and SAME. We’ve all been there. There’s a real fear of failure and sometimes we bring it out a little extra when we’re feeling scared of failing. I had the honor to speak with Dr. Judy today, Licensed Clinical & Forensic Neuropsychologist, Author of Stop Self-Sabotage about all of this and so much more. This episode is jam-packed with valuable tips and strategies. Stop reading and start listening below!

Here’s a closer look at what we talked about:

Self-sabotage is the fear of failure, which is biologically in us [02:40]

Take time to pay attention to your thoughts and emotions because they’ll drive your actions [05:30]

Root your goals to your values to find the motivation to achieve them when the going gets rough [11:40]

Remind yourself what your top 5 values are and honor them throughout your day [12:56]

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Stop Self Sabotage by Dr. Judy Ho

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