42. Part 2/4 in a Born to Rise West Coast Series: Jessica Hall On Career Pivots, Defying Industry Norms & Becoming a Boss Your Way


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This week we get to welcome powerhouse Jessica Hall to the Born to Rise Podcast! Jessica is the Founder of Sleepless Mom, part owner of BB Lifestyle, investor in Sugar Taco and has her own podcast, The Hollywood Filter. Since absolutely killing it in all of her businesses, we talked all things career pivots, defying industry norms, and becoming a boss your own way. Don’t miss this one, it’s packed with so much goodness!

Here's a closer look at what we talked about:

Where to go get the best vegan tacos in Los Angeles [07:40]

Your one stop shop podcast to learn everything about LA [09:12]

Being real is the key to establishing connections with others [13:13]

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