How to Lead with Passion & Build Freedom into Your Business


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In today’s episode, Elizabeth Hartke gets real with us about building a business that’s in alignment with where you want to go and finding fulfillment in both your business and your life. Elizabeth takes us through her journey from pursuing things that didn’t suit her to finding her “true north” and building the business that fits the life she wants.

Elizabeth Hartke is a business scaling strategist that mentors impact-driven entrepreneurs in scaling their influence, income, and time freedom without having to trade time for money or their values for their vision. She shares a wealth of knowledge about scaling done right and being strategic in building freedom into your business. So keep your notebook and your pen handy and hit that play button!

Here’s a closer look at what we talked about:

The Future Forecast Formula: Why Leading with Passion is Strategic [7:42]

The Art & Science of Scaling: Create a Journey [18:59]

Taking Your Core Skill and Making Multiple Offers [28:58]

Your “Tool Belt” to Get Through Struggles [33:57]

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