Isabella Silverio on the Art of CEO Embodiment


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In today’s episode, we are chatting with Isabella Silverio, aka The Guava Girl™ about the pillars of CEO embodiment and how every entrepreneur, at whatever stage in their business, can and should embody their CEO. Isabella is a Cuban-American & Miami native. She grew up believing anything is possible and has always helped others do the same.

Isabella discusses how entrepreneurship has always been a part of who she is and how she learned to manage her fears and doubts to pursue success.

Isabella is a coach who empowers entrepreneurially spirited women to fully embody their CEO. At 24 she is running a 7-figure business of her own so don’t wait to hear what she has to share, hit that play button!

Here’s a closer look at what we talked about:

CEO Embodiment: Foundation, Innovation, Generation [10:27]

Permission to be a Human in Your Business [22:40]

Telling Your Story in a Way that Reflects Your Values [29:36]Choosing Your Dreams over Drama [32:38]

Links we mentioned:

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