Morning Sickness & Multiple Six Figures: 5 Keys to How I Hit My Highest Cash Quarter While Nauseous AF In My First Trimester (And How YOU Can Grow Your Results Through Any Adversity)


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Want to bring in multiple six-figures a quarter in cash? All while taking a step back from your business?!

Well, gorgeous, tune in because I am spilling all the tea on how Team CSI had our highest cash quarter of all time while I was experiencing the first-trimester sickness (that nauseous and fatigued feeling was no joke, sister!). And to fill you in on a little of the secret before we get to the good stuff, it sure as hell wasn’t to hustle and push though - it’s so much deeper than that.

Ready to learn the 5 key ways to sustain your business? Well go ahead and press play!

My First Trimester [1:43]

Having a Clear Strategy [7:47]

My New Word Simplify [12:47]

Upping Your Mindset Game [20:48]

Serving My Clients WELL [26:30]

MRR - Monthly Recurring Revenue - Product Suite [31:02]


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