On Chasing Your Dreams With Faith With Miss America 2019


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So excited to welcome Nia Franklin to this week’s episode of Born to Rise! If you haven’t heard her name before, Nia is a complete powerhouse role model for women and took the stage (and crown!) in 2019 for Miss America.

Nia shares her journey of moving from local beauty pageants to becoming Miss America on the national stage.

Her story is powerful, she shares how it took resilience and determination to finally become crowned. It also took her three tries!

Nia shares her story about how she didn’t give up, her secret to trying time after time, the importance of having a rock-solid support system, and finding inner peace.

And if you thought that was impressive, Nia is also a music composer and music teacher who’s passionate about empowering females in the music industry which is amazing!

Her story is too good to miss, so tune in to today’s episode now.

Here's a closer look at what we talked about:

From Miss Five Boroughs to Miss America 2019 [05:34]

Being a classical music composer and creating Compose Her [12:35]

Your faith can ground you [19:29]

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