On Purple Hair, Fewer Fucks and Scaling to 7 Figures Your Way


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In this episode, the Slay Coach herself, Jamie Joslin King, joins us to talk about her road to success and the importance of being a visionary as an entrepreneur. We discuss the pillar of spirit in her work and she shares about her experience putting on her live event, the Summit of Slay, before she was ready.

While Jamie is currently running a very successful business, her road to success was not as easy as it may seem. She takes us through the not-so-sexy aspects of building her empire to the million-dollar business that it is now.

Jamie is a beauty-school dropout turned queen of a million-dollar empire so you don’t want to miss the value she’s dropping. What are you waiting for? Press play, girl!

Here’s a closer look at what we talked about:

The Role Mindset Plays to Jamie’s Success [7:43]

What Does the “Pillar of Spirit” Look Like in her Work [12:11]

Building Your Avatars and Core Brand Stories [18:18]

Chardonnay and Slay [20:46]

The Summit of Slay [31:14]

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