Selling Something? These Are The 3 Things Your Audience Needs to Know


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In this episode, we are talking about the 3 things your audience needs to know about you and your offers. While you may think your title (i.e. business coach, sales strategies etc) explains it all, your title is not what seals the deal for your clients.

Today, I am sharing the secret sauce that’s got CSI to becoming a 7 figure company and how we are able to bring in new clients every month, heck every day!

Get out your notepads and a pen because you are gonna want to write these spicy tips down sister! Press play!

Here’s a closer look at what we talked about:

Do Your People Know Why They Need Your Offer [3:12]

Why Now and Why Not Later [9:15]

What Makes you Different and Why Not the Other Coach [16:11]

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