Why Mixing Pleasure and Business is a Recipe for Success


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Ever wondered why we are told not to mix business with pleasure, or worse, why this has been accepted as a social norm? In this episode, we are doing the exact opposite and putting pleasure back into business! Julia Wells shares what it means to use pleasure as a guide in business. Julia’s unique pleasure-based methodology teaches clients how to use pleasure to increase their capacity for profit while running a smart and sustainable business that turns them on.

As coach, pleasure Queen and podcast host who is healthily obsessed with changing the entire way we do business, Julia’s mission is to break us free of the ways of doing business that were designed for men by men. Julia swears a lot, wears way too much leopard print and is known for keeping it real AF across the interwebs. If you are into mixing things up, changing the rules and making business feel good and giving yourself so much permission to do so you are going to absolutely love this episode!

Here’s a closer look at what we talked about:

What it means to be a “pu***-based” business coach [03:06]

How to make launching less stressful [14:39]

Using pleasure as a guiding compass when things haven’t gone as planned [24:39]

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