Season 3 Episode 40 - Shoving Things in Holes


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Season 3 Episode 40 - Shoving Things in Holes:

Charles, ever the master of the love arts, gets Sheol to perform her dance of seduction! Rhyse remembers that potions are wet and in bottles. Nikolai heroically braves the raging inferno of a small flaming rope. Gwen dons her majestic fish hat and rubs it against a wall. Later we grind the hole joke so far into the ground it hits bedrock!

Stay tuned to the after credits sequence where we cast hard shade at Joe and the Ancient Mongolians.

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Shoutouts to @SivisEchoers on twitter and a-dms-side-quest and O'Mally Cat on tumblr. This night, I drank Ten Bitter Years IPA beer! Yum. Talk at you next time!

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