Bots, Bugs, And Babes - Episode #77: Dr. Cyclops (1940): "Strange how absorbed man has been in the size of things!"


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"Now you can call me "cyclops", because I have one good eye."

On this episode of Bots, Bugs, And Babes, my father (Al Jaconetti) and I, turn the clock back 80 years to talk about Dr. Cyclops (1940). We explore all the different aspects of the first sci-fi film ever shot in three-color Technicolor, including the special effects and production. We also discus how this film, which was nominated for the Academy Award in Special Effects, would go on to influence other later B-movies. So grab your pit-hat, your best jungle gear, and join us on a journey to the deep jungles for a film might just leave you with a glowing green mist when it is done.

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