239 - Large Scale Contract Distilling with Steve Nally and John Hargrove of Bardstown Bourbon Company


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Show Notes:

  • Jim Beam Cheat Sheet: http://bourbonr.com/blog/jim-beam-distillery-production-cheat-sheet/
  • This week’s Above the Char with Fred Minnick talks about Bolivia.
  • What was your first taste of bourbon?
  • How did you get into working in the bourbon and spirits industry?
  • How was it going from Maker's to a start up distillery?
  • Do you have a formal education in science or did you learn on the job?
  • How did they convince you to come to BBC?
  • What was the initial BBC strategy?
  • What is your distillery capacity?
  • Did you see the need for contract distilling?
  • Is it difficult to produce so many mash bills?
  • Do clients have a mash bill in mind or do you help coach them?
  • Walk us through the process.
  • Can you pick your own yeast strain?
  • Can you sample the yeast strains?
  • Do you guide customers on wood?
  • How long is your wait?
  • How do you allocate floor levels in the warehouse?
  • What's the craziest demand from a customer?
  • Is it more efficient to have a contract distiller?
  • What are you distilling for BBC?
  • Talk about the risk of experimenting with products.
  • Where do you see bourbon in 3-5 years?
  • Any plans for other spirits?
  • Tell us about the decision to allow customers to customize the process.
  • Do you bottle and help with packaging?

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