Hermit's Cave - The House On Lost Man's Bluff (1939)


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The House On Lost Man's Bluff (1939) *The Exact Date Is Unknown.
The Hermit's cave Ghost stories ... weird stories ... of murder, too ... the Hermit knows them all. Horror stories with Mel Johnson and howling wolves in the background, obliterating some of the introduction. This syndicated show was one of the treats for the kiddies, cuddled up to their hollow-state radio sets to keep warm in Detroit, between 1940 and 1944. The show was also heard in Beverly Hills, CA in 1943-1944, a radio horror anthology series, syndicated by WJR Detroit in the mid-1930s, sponsored by Olga Coal after the first two years. As the wind howled, the ancient Hermit narrated his horror fantasies from his cave. The cackling character of the Hermit was played by John Kent, Charles Penman, Toby Grimmer, and Klock Ryder. William Conrad produced when the show moved to KMPC Los Angeles with Mel Johnson as the Hermit (1940-42), followed by John Dehner (1942-44). Detroit's--then--CBS Basic Network affiliate, WJR, was one of Detroit's two powerhouse, clear channel stations to originate quality programming throughout Michigan and the midwest heartland. THIS EPISODE: 1939. World syndication. "The House On Lost Man's Bluff". Sponsored by: Commercials deleted or added locally. A brother and a sister and the sister's husband seek shelter in a strange house during a violent storm. Once inside, the brother starts to act mysteriously and then is found hanged in his room. What starts out as a good ghost story has a terrible conclusion and ends up a wasted script! 23:52. Episode Notes From The Radio Gold Index.
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