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Continuing the discussion on investing in your professional growth, today, we have Mike Witzke, a partner with McDonald Hopkins, a Cleveland-based law firm with more than 140 professionals. Mike is the Chair of the Estate Planning and Probate Practice Group and practices in numerous areas. He focuses on helping clients protect and transfer wealth efficiently, and he works with high net worth families, primarily business owners, physicians, and athletes. In this episode, Mike shares his thoughts on what growth means to him, and we discuss ways to stay focused on continual growth and self-improvement. Tune in today!
Key Points From This Episode:

  • How to stay focused on your personal growth by setting up systems and habits.
  • Make growth a priority! Saying you don't have time indicates that it's not important to you.
  • By defining what you are trying to accomplish, you can plan the time you set aside for growth.
  • Growth isn't linear, but Mike says you have to set specific goals in order to maintain progress.
  • Creating tangible milestones by breaking big goals into smaller parts and having an accountability partner.
  • Mike comments on the benefits of having a mentor younger than you if you're over 45.
  • The importance of seeking out different perspectives and being open to honest feedback.
  • You need time with that feedback, says Mike, to allow it to percolate before taking what you need from it and taking action.
  • How COVID has presented an opportunity to use your extra time to work on these things.
  • Alex provides a recap of the episode, from carving time out and building habits to finding accountability and being open-minded.
  • Mike shares the final part of the puzzle, which is also the first step: commit to doing it!
  • Hear what Alex's call to action is this week: set aside some time, even 30 minutes.

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