110: Turning a Personal Challenge Into a Business with Kait Hurley


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Kait Hurley is a student, teacher, entrepreneur, and the creator of KAIT, an app and online training platform that combines movement with meditation to help people care for their body, mind, and heart. Classes range from high-intensity sweat sessions to guided runs to yoga and meditation. And she is honored to share the teachings and practices that have been so deeply transformative in her life.

So, as you’ll hear in the episode, Kait is an incredible human—a really good human. And beyond the work she does to help more people meditate, she also uses her voice and platform to speak up about issues she cares about—one being racism.

She is actively anti-racist, which is something I’ve committed to being very recently. Because what happens to black people and people of color in our country is not ok. And I’m sorry for taking so long to take a stand on this publicly.

If you’re a white woman who had been outraged by recent events or every event affecting a person of color, then I invite you to stop hiding too, use your voice, and educate yourself about how what you can do to help the black community.

What does this look like? It looks like examining our own subconscious beliefs. It looks like following and supporting black women and all women of color. It looks like having hard conversations with family and friends who make racist remarks. It’s about doing all of the above consistently. Not only when a black person dies.

I know this is heavy, but it’s important. And if all of us want to really change the world—to help people awaken, be healthy, find inner peace and joy, and lead with integrity—then we have to play a part in changing this too.

I’ll be sharing some resources with you below, so you can check them out. And I will be making a massive effort to have more women of color on the show.

In this episode, she shares her journey with anxiety and chronic panic attacks and why it ultimately led her to explore meditation, and the massive impact it had on her state of mind, the moment she got the download for her business idea in her living room and how her husband played a key role in helping her turn it into a platform and app, what it looked like for her and her husband to quit their jobs and devote themselves to creating the business for two years—and why she points out that her ability to do that was largely rooted in privilege, how they tested out the concept before fully launching the brand and the incredible feedback they received from users early on, the grassroots efforts she made to build awareness about her platform and app early on in order to cultivate community and a wider audience, why collaboration has been SUCH a huge piece of her marketing strategy and how that’s impacted the growth of her company, and so much more.

To learn more about Kait Hurley and the resources mentioned in this episode, visit the show notes.

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