99: How to Intuitively Rebrand Your Business with Dara Dubinet


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Dara Dubinet is a raw food expert and popular YouTube host turned lifestyle intuitive. Using the magic of astrogeography, the north node, and her intuitive hits, she helps her clients navigate everything from career choices to life purpose to relationships to choosing the perfect location on the planet to live and thrive.

She’s the creator of two powerful life navigation tools: Astrogeography (the astrology of place) and Life Direction, which anyone can purchase online.

Her work has been featured in Glamour Magazine, Departures Magazine, on the Balanced Blonde podcast, and the Expanded podcast with Lacy Phillips.

As someone who has been a lover of astrology since I was a pre-teen, I was excited to learn something so interesting from Dara—that our north node is a huge asset in clarifying life purpose and that where you live impacts your ability to live our your life purpose.

As you’ll hear, Dara is such a wealth of knowledge about this and she was kind enough to show her work in action by sharing insight about me and my life purpose.

To learn more about Dara Dubinet and the resources mentioned in this episode, visit the show notes.

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