Episode 134: Coronavirus news, Fatal Affair, Carmilla, First Cow


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Spend a torrid evening with us at Breakfast All Day — we promise you won’t regret it. This week, Matt, Alonso and Christy review the Netflix romantic thriller “Fatal Affair,” which wasn’t nearly as insane as we’d hoped; the Gothic lesbian romance “Carmilla,” which we dug; and we play catch-up with Kelly Reichardt’s re-released “First Cow,” which had its theatrical run interrupted by the coronavirus. It’s surely one of the best movies of this weird year, so thankfully it’s available now for streaming. In news, we talk about the many cancellations and closures the pandemic has caused, including the Rose Bowl Parade, the Telluride Film Festival, California schools and Chuck Woolery’s Twitter feed. And over at our Patreon, we recap episodes 7-8 of Hulu’s “Love, Victor” (which is finally getting good) and we review Joel Schumacher’s 1990 thriller “Flatliners,” this month’s Off the Menu selection. Thanks as always for joining us as we enter the fifth month of this madness — hope you’re hanging in there.

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