Emuna Tour 2020 Rabbi Yonatan Galed Inspired TLV in English!


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Rabbi Yonatan Galed first English Evening at Inspired TLV! https://youtu.be/p8d2WhpDQdA Rabbi Yonatan Gal’ed // The UNIVERSAL Garden of Emuna @ Inspired TLV! Thank you for filming & sharing - Raphael Raiton! Let us together climax our blessed days & weeks with our #EmunaSeries Workshop # 8 with #RabbiYonatanGaled! Click here & Share on plz - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=obJ7LTmydHg for weekly Audio's & this class - https://anchor.fm/breslevIsrael! A person doesn’t have to be a genius to prove Emuna, only a desire to see the truth. We must shed any obsession to justify our preconceptions and be willing to listen rather than argue. Then, it’s possible to prove the truth in one of two ways… * For comments, questions and feedback: Yonatan.Emuna@gmail.com ** To send your jokes to Rabbi Yonatan :Yonatan.Jokes@gmail.com #Inspiring us #RabbiYonatanGaled in English! We welcome your respectful, helpful comments and feedback! Please leave a kind comment below, share on and email for our Emuna Tour 2020 with Rabbi Yonatán Galed -Eli.Goldsmith@breslev.co.il! For booking Unity Projects like this one please email - Unityinspiresprojects@gmail.com to bring more unity to our lives! https://unityinspiresprojects.wordpress.com/2019/06/18/unity-inspires-booking-artists-creatives-events-updated/

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