S1 E11: More of your #BringBackV10s F1 questions answered


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BONUS EPISODE: It's series finale time, and to celebrate #BringBackV10s taking a temporary break before series 2, we're answering more of your questions about F1 from 1989-2005. Mark Hughes and ex-F1 technical director and car designer Gary Anderson join Glenn Freeman to discuss a range of topics, including: What made Kimi Raikkonen so good at McLaren, and why did he struggle to recapture that magic in the years that followed; how out of control F1's 'driver aids' era of the early 1990s would have got if the rules weren't tightened up; why Gary had to get drunk with Stefano Modena to prove he didn't hate him; how Eddie Irvine made his mark on his F1 debut before getting punched by Ayrton Senna; why Gary joined the group of teams sprouting the hideous X-wings in 1998; Jacques Villeneuve's stunning qualifying margin of 1.7 seconds in the 1997 Australian Grand Prix, Martin Brundle's transition from F1 driver to top-line pundit and commentator; Allegations of Benetton running traction control in 1994; Mika Hakkinen's disappointing final season, and what we'd bring back (other than V10s!) from this era to improve modern F1.
Keep your questions and episode suggestions coming in to @wearetherace on social media using #BringBack V10s, and we'll update you very soon on when series two will launch! Thanks for listening to everything we've done so far, and please tell your friends what they've been missing out on.

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