S1 E7: Mansell at McLaren - what went wrong


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Nigel Mansell and McLaren never felt like a match made in heaven, and when they joined forces in 1995 the alliance was short-lived. Sam Smith and Jack Benyon join Glenn Freeman to discuss why this partnership went so wrong. How did Mansell go from thinking he had a Williams drive to getting a phone call from Ron Dennis? What were the driving forces behind McLaren taking on a driver who had been one of its biggest rivals? How lofty were McLaren's and Mansell's expectations, and were they justified? What did Mansell think of the car when he first drove it? What were the specific problems he described that made it so unsuitable to his driving style? Why didn't it come to light earlier that he didn't fit in the car? What was Mark Blundell's side of the story of how he found out he was being called up as a stand-in? How did Mansell manage to do over 100 laps of testing in the original chassis before the wider one was available to race? Why did he think the bigger car would solve McLaren's aero problems? How did he stack up against Mika Hakkinen? What was wrong with the car when Mansell parked it in his final GP? What changes to McLaren's radio etiquette were put in place after Mansell's 'performance' at Barcelona? Did McLaren ever get on top of the car's problems?
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