S1 E9: Schumacher v Hill - 1994's controversial ending


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Michael Schumacher's 1990s rivalry with Damon Hill ignited at the end of the 1994 Formula 1 season. In this episode Andrew van de Burgt and Edd Straw join Glenn Freeman to look back at the final three races of '94, when Schumacher returned from his two-race ban with just a one-point lead over Hill. Schumacher won comfortably on his return at Jerez, but why was Hill fuming with his Williams team, and left him 'pulling teeth' trying to get an apology from management? Why didn't Williams make it clearer it believed in Hill? How did the dynamic at Williams change when Nigel Mansell returned? How did Hill pull off the drive of his life in the rain of Japan to set up the famous Adelaide decider? Who did he ask for help at the start of the crucial final lap - and what phenomenon did he experience over the first part of that remarkable lap before he 'took back control'? Why did he lash out at Williams in public before the finale in Australia? How did Williams get on terms with Benetton? What made Schumacher's car harder to drive in the title decider? What was Schumacher's explanation for the controversial collision that decided the championship in his favour, and was he telling the truth? How did Hill find out Schumacher had already hit the wall? What did he think when he first saw the footage? Did Williams consider taking action? What did Hill do the following day - that Schumacher used to his advantage when he returned to Germany? And did the right man win the championship that year?
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