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We had the pleasure of interviewing Olivia Reid over Zoom video!
NYC based Olivia Reid is one of the most versatile up and coming personalities in music. As a performing artist, songwriter, producer, sound engineer and podcast host, Reid has her fingerprint on every facet of the industry.
Reid blends organic, acoustic sounds with electronic pop. Her warm and welcoming vocals give life to songs that push the boundaries of folk stories, and sound design that transports listeners to another world.
Olivia Reid debut project “Earth Water” recently hit streaming platforms. Reid explains the title, “This EP was so rooted in nature. Especially living in cities like New York, LA and Berlin for long periods of time - I found myself telling stories through these natural metaphors. It’s a way I find understanding, and inspires my production – to be able to create a feeling, an environment to get lost in.”
Olivia is a self managed, swiss army knife of music talent with technical expertise as a writer, performer, producer and engineer. Traditionally “trailblazer”, “dynamic” and “relentless” are not the personality traits that come to mind when discussing artists in the folk/indie space, but Olivia Reid isn’t your typical artist.
Olivia's music transports listeners to their own serene natural environment where the complex yet understated music and production paint contrast between the themes of her music.
She is among the less than 5% of women producers, one of the less than 3% of women sound engineers and a success story of what the future of a decentralized music industry looks like. She is proof that now more than ever, there are more opportunities for artists and creatives at gatekeeping institutions.
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