#188: Ask Dhru Anything: Switching Your Career, Tips for Brain Fog, and Supporting Your Immune System


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In this new Q&A series, Dhru takes live questions from his community. For a chance to speak with Dhru during a future Ask Dhru Q&A, text your question to 302-200-5643 using the hashtag #AskDhru.

Topics covered in this episode include:

-Dhru’s favorite question to ask (4:58)

-Plant-based vs. animal-based protein (9:37)

-Oil pulling and cavities (17:35)

-The COVID-19 vaccine (25:42) / (33:52) / (54:31)

-Dhru’s advice on a health coaching career (29:05)

-Eggs and weight loss (51:43)

-Tips for battling brain fog (56:27)

-Supporting your immune system during the pandemic (59:32)

Mentioned in this episode:

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Norway Vaccine Deaths

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