Why Investors Should Not Climb the Wall of Worry in the Stock Market


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The Wall of Worry pertains to investors always worrying as markets climb higher. So what are some of the bull and bear cases on the markets, valuations, inflation, interest rates, stocks and bonds? Jay Pestrichelli is back on the program to discuss all these and hedging strategies as alternatives.

What is the Wall of Worry for investors?

Are Bonds even worth it given such low interest rates?

Potentially better portfolio hedges than bonds

The bull and bear case for inflation

Why higher money supply has not exactly meant higher inflation

Money velocity

CAPE Ratio, Shiller PE

Are valuations high or does prior 20-year growth rate say returns can be good over next 10 years?

Being long stocks with no bonds but being hedged?

Is gold an effective hedge?

What does the President and Senate control say about future stock market returns?

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