Resolutions Are Bullshit + Getting Organized In 2017


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It's a New Year and here's a New Show, The Machine. The Machine is an ongoing discussion about the business of Photography, Filmmaking, Podcasting and Music featuring me, Adam Lerner, and my good buddy Larry Milburn.

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In Episode 001, we talk about Getting Organized During Downtime, The Best Use of Gear and Getting Rid of Gear we don't need, Building Your Kit vs Booking Personal Work, Setting Up and Organizing Your Business and Building and Updating Your Website.

00:00:39 Get Organized During Downtime 00:03:43 Have I Used That Thing? 00:04:48 Joe Bonamassa 00:05:06 Speaking Of Gear 00:06:56 Adam’s Favorite New Gear of 2016 00:09:39 e3supplyco Camera Strap 00:14:45 Larry’s Kit 00:20:34 Know Your Gear 00:26:48 Build Your Kit or Book Personal Work? 00:29:00 New Years Resolutions are Bullshit: Setting Goals 00:33:58 Roadie Free Radio 00:38:00 Personal Work Gets You Jobs 00:42:30 Update Your Website 00:43:51 00:48:20 Setting Up And Organizing Your Business

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