Turning Down Work, What, Are You Crazy?


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The Machine is an ongoing discussion about the business of Photography, Filmmaking, Podcasting and Music featuring me, Adam Lerner, and my good buddy Larry Milburn.

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In Episode 002, we talk about how art and creative pursuits influence content creation, Film is Not Dead: Kodak reintroduces Ektachrome, the mentality of slowing down, our favorite lenses, the power of NO, should you go to college to study photography or film.

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00:01:30 Music is my first language 00:05:30 Art influences content creation 00:06:00 Kodak reintroducing Ektachrome 00:09:50 Using film to emulate a certain look 00:14:00 Film is not dead 00:17:52 Does shooting film make you a better photographer / filmmaker? 00:21:38 Slow the fuck down, Cuba Mini Portfolio 00:25:30 Whats your favorite lens? 00:28:42 Shoutout to Vegans! 00:31:25 Turning Down Work: What are you Crazy? 00:35:07 The Triangle points of taking a job 00:38:00 Don’t take things personally, It’s Just Business 00:41:10 Quick Nickel vs the Long Dime 00:55:36 Should I go to College for Photo or Filmmaking? 01:06:30 There is no stupid question. ASK if you don’t know. 01:10:25 Squarespace.com/Adam

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