Bucs Pewter Report Podcast Ep239: Bucs Bounce Back, Brees Injury Analysis


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PewterReport.com is excited to announce its partnership with CELSIUS energy drinks, which provide essential, functional energy for an active lifestyle. CELSIUS is the new title sponsor for the Pewter Report Podcasts, which are live-streamed on YouTube four times per week: live post-game, followed by episodes on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at 4:00 p.m. ET. It's a victory Monday as well as a Q&A Monday with Scott Reynolds and Jon Ledyard as they hear from the fans after the Bucs' win. The offense had a nice bounce back which was encouraging, and there was also some news in the NFC South with Drew Brees missing at least the Saints' next game. They giver their analysis to that and more in this episode of the Pewter Report Podcast, energized by CELSIUS.

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