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As a part of a four-episode series surrounding 6.19 Seeing Red, Kristin curated a conversation with Emma O'Sullivan — a former Kitten Board member who met her wife on the Willow & Tara boards in the early aughts — and Jen Malkowski, our very favorite "scholar of death," who also happened to be hanging out on The Kitten Board when the show aired.
This conversation is both its own capturing of queer history and also a more comprehensive look at the importance of queer representation, the impact of the death of Tara Maclay, and a celebration of Tara, Willow, and the community of queer viewership that has catalogued, spoken up, and held each other through decades of irresponsible media representation.

This episode originally aired on our Patreon RSS feed, and we are now releasing it in the main feed!
This conversation contains spoilers through Season 7 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


Kristin Russo: @kristinnoeline; kristinnoeline.com
Jenny Owen Youngs: @jennyowenyoungs; jennyowenyoungs.com
Never-ending gratitude to Emma O'Sullivan, former Kitten board member, who you can find on Twitter @osulliverse, and Jen Malkowski who writes and teaches at Smith College about digital media; documentary; death and dying; and race, gender and sexuality in media. Read more about their work here!
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Episode Curated, Produced & Edited by Kristin Russo
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