Making Money With Words: Essentials Of Effective Copywriting With Steven Lewis - Ep201


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Effective copywriting makes you stand out in an online universe that is full of content that can easily drown you out. More than that, it can also link your businesses with the people who really need the services you have to offer. In that sense, copywriting is not making content, but using the right words that will make you money. Copywriter and founder of Taleist Agency, Steven Lewis, sits down with Paul Higgins and takes us to the world of copywriting, writing landing pages, online marketing, and communicating with customers effectively. Steven's mission is to "rid the world of bullshit one sentence at a time." Whether you're an entrepreneur who's interested in really making money from your landing page or a marketer who wants to up your game in the online marketing business, make sure to sit back and have a listen.


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